With a firm touch, Heather finds all the sensitive spots on your feet,
and soothes them. My feet feel so great after a session. I would highly recommend her.

Dave C., Retiree


Heather is gifted in her use of reflexology to bring healing to the whole body in a gentle, relaxed, non-intrusive manner. I always know I’m in good hands when she works on me.

Julie Wise, Life & Relationship Coach; Intuitive Artist/Designer


“Since my head injury, I have numb spots on my big toes and a trigger finger on my right hand. After you treated my feet, my finger is better and my neck and shoulders have much greater mobility. I have more sensation in my toes. I’m stunned at how directly I’m feeling the impacts of reflexology in the related areas in my body.”

Jackie McMillan, Autism Turnaround Strategist for Parents, Educators, Professionals, and Spectrum Adults