Energy Healing

1546464_10154616242165545_3927569989712016501_nFill yourself with your true essential nature

Energy Healing is a process of allowing the vibrational frequencies of light and love to flow freely and abundantly through the whole self. This encourages things that no longer serve one’s highest good (negative thoughts, unhealthy relationships, fear, etc.) to dissolve and transform, helping resolve and prevent dis-ease.

Each healing journey is unique and complex. Each treatment is a customized improvisation based in Plant Spirit Healing, Celtic Reiki, and Advanced Energy Healing. The process allows for what is deeply needed to be received. This could be connection with one’s authentic self, restoring mental-emotional balance, boosting overall energy, or finding peace with the past.

This way of healing can be both subtle and profound; for lasting effects 3-5 treatments are recommended. Treatments can be both hands-on and hands-off, and are done fully clothed with the recipient lying down on a massage table or seated in a chair.

 “Heather is incredibly gifted as a healer: intuitive, kind, grounded, and understanding. She has taken me on transformative journeys of healing that allowed a part of myself to return and shine again after almost 30 years of hiding. I could not recommend her highly enough.”  Emony Nicholls, Plant Biologist