Date: Sat, Jun 25
Time: 1-3 pm

Description: Plants have been supporting and evolving with humans since we took our first steps on earth. Plants are intelligent beings that communicate and make decisions, and humans are hard-wired to bond with nature. Connecting with nature is much-needed medicine for restoring a sense of health, calm, and balance in this fast-paced world. The plants have many gifts to share, all we need to do is be open. In this workshop we will awaken our innate capacity to relate with the plants and trees around us as well as explore scientific and indigenous perspectives of plant intelligence.

Cost: $30 (includes instruction, handout notes) 
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heather 2 june 2016

Sat, Jul 23 (rain date Aug 27)
Time: 1-3 pm

Description: Looking for a way to support mental and emotional health and well-being? Flower essences are remedies made from flowers, water, and sunshine that can help release stuck energy, negative thinking, and emotional pain. Flower essences can be used on their own or combined safely with other therapies to create a holistic approach to healing. In this workshop you will learn how to make and work with flower essences (choosing, dosing, etc) as well as prepare a remedy to take home.

Cost: $40 (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, and samples to take home) 
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Plant Comm 2011

Date: Sat, Sep 24
Time: 1-3 pm

Description: This workshop is an invitation to slow down, sync into earth rhythms, and feel your heart open to the beauty and serenity of plants. Through ecological observation, and sensory and intuitive perception, we will wake up our innate ability to relate deeply with plants. We will look at specific plants to support and balance our energy at this fall equinox time. You will learn simple rituals to centre, ground, and cleanse that can be done at home with the remedy you make in class. We will be making smudge sticks and room and body sprays.

Cost: $40 (includes all materials, instruction, handout notes, and samples to take home) 
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